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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Real Techniques Brushes - Review / My Thoughts

Real Techniques Brushes - Review / My Thoughts

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Hi lovelies, I hope you are doing well. Today's blog post is all about Real Techniques makeup brushes - which I can already tell you, are my favorites. The brand was created by Samantha and sister Nic Chapman from youtube channel Pixi Woo. Their brushes are synthetic and cruelty free, and there is a wide range of brushes for all types of makeup application. I purchased two of their sets (you can buy individual brushes however). The first set was the core collection, and the second is their starter set. I love these brushes in general and I see a visible difference on how well my makeup is blended and the application. 

Real Techniques Core Collection

Out of the 2 collections I own, this collection is my favorite. I absolutely love the buffing brush for applying foundation or bb cream, and the contour brush is the perfect shape and size for contouring with bronzer. I also love the detailer brush - it comes in handy when covering pesky red spots. The only brush I do not use on a daily basis is the foundation brush - mainly because I'm not so keen on the classic paint brush style, but if you are this one is a fantastic size and I do quite like using it on my friends. Keep in mind that it will give you a fuller coverage than the buffing brush.

I would honestly just purchase this for the Deluxe Crease Brush. Instead of using it to blend out eye shadow in the crease (which it also is fantastic for), I absolutely love it for blending concealer under the eyes. The base shadow brush is a fantastic dupe for the mac 217, and  love using the detailer brush for smudging eyeliner/shadow on my lower lash line. The liner brush is also fantastic for applying the gel liner. Not so keen on the angle brush - its a little too large to create false hairs when filling in my eyebrows, but I do really like it for applying shadow on my lower lash line. 

If you are a beginner in makeup or your starting to build your brush collection, both these sets are amazing and you're almost sorted! I will leave a link to their website so if you are interested in their brushes make sure to click the link. Love you all!

Alice xxx

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