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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Alice's Room Makeover 1: Bedroom Inspiration

Alice's Room Makeover 1: Bedroom Inspiration

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I've always been one to change my furniture around and redecorate, but recently I've been feeling like my room is a jumble of colors and ideas. As I'm getting older and my taste is maturing, I've decided to give my room a makeover.

I'm opting for a primarily white bedroom with 2 accent colors - blue and orange. I wanted to steer clear of pink and pastel colors as I feel they are a bit to girly and young for my room. I am keeping my bed and paint color, but I've decided to get rid of my desk (it takes up way to much room), find a new vintage/retro looking bedside, and a new chest of draws. I've collected some inspiration to guide me, so I thought I would share with you what I've found. Of course I do have a budget, so I will need to be smart as to what I spend my money on, and what I can save.

Summarizing my plan:

  • The color I have chosen is white, with blue and orange as accent colors
  • Clean, crisp lines
  • A beachy yet retro feel 
  • Simplistic and not cluttered
  • More retro, mature furniture (like a metal bedside and a wooden, sleek dresser)
  • New bedding - a white duvet with color in cushions and a throw
  • Accessorize with some color and silver metal (eg a metal bucket to keep makeup brushes)

This is the main inspiration for my bedroom, because of it's beachy, retro vibe. I like how most of the room is primarily white, with 2 accent colors. I also like how the room isn't too girly, and that there are clean, crisp lines with vintage elements (like the bedside table and lights).
The color combination I'm making my room is primarily white, with some blue and orange.

I loved the blue mason jars with the orange gerberas- its the sort of color combination I'm going for.

I liked this picture primarily for the simplicity of the room. 

I will keep you updated with different purchases and changes to my room, and hope fully it will turn out how I planned! Let me know any advice or inspiration in the comments, I'd love to hear it! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin to stay updated on new blog posts. Love you all!

Alice xxx

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