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Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Birthday Post - Presents, Food, and Outfit

The Birthday Post - Presents, Food, and Outfit

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Hi lovelies! Some of you may already know that today is my birthday! Wooppeee! I thought would share with you some of the pics from today. It was a lovely day spent with my family, and Jack and I where spoilt rotten! 

From my parents I received some beautiful red flowers (unsure what type it is), and a very funny card with some money in it. I'm most likely going to save a good portion, but might pick up a few things of my Birthday Wish List, which did a blog post about. I was going to show you what my friends and grandparents gave me, but decided not too as didn't want this blog post to be me showing you everything received - I more want it to be full of lovely pictures of food and flowers!

For lunch, we went to a restaurant called the Blue Breeze - a Pacific/Asian fusion restaurant. I will be the first to admit that I'm not particularly keen on Chinese/Asian food, however in saying that, it was surprisingly delicious! 

For my outfit, I chose something casual and warm, primarily because it was only 3 degrees celcius (37 degrees Farenheit) -  did bring a coat promise! and it was only lunch so it was a bit more laid back.

Top: Dotti
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Glassons

I baked a delicious, 2 layer chocolate cake from the Little and Friday recipe book. It doesn't look as incredible as what it did in the book, but it was very delicious! 
I hope you enjoyed having a little sneak peek into what my day was like, and if it's any of your birthdays, happy birthday! I will be doing a blog post about the makeup  wore, so look forward to that! Love you all! 
Alice xxx

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