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Friday, 6 March 2015

The 2 Step Brow Routine // AliceOlivia

The 2 Step Brow Routine // AliceOlivia

Before 2012-ish, brows were pushed aside and not really thought about by those who weren't makeup artists (it seemed they were the only ones who really understood the importance of them). In the past few years however, brows have been brought into the limelight, and now people are plucking them less (thank you Cara), and giving them the attention they deserve. While some girls love the very drawn on look, I like the more natural approach & just fill them in to enhance my natural shape and make them appear fuller. 

I used to swear by my Elf Brow Kit, which I still totally love, however I now have a new obsession. I've been using the Anastasia Dip Brown Pomade in Chocolate instead, and have been loving it. I use very little on the Eco Tools Angled Brush, and fill them in lightly, starting where my arch is and working towards the end of the brow, then using the remaining product to lightly fill in the front. I then use my trusty Elf Brow Gel to set them in place. 

For those wondering how I maintain my brows; not once have I had my brows professionally plucked - I've always done them myself as I'm anxious that they would pluck too much or alter their shape, plus its bloody expensive! I just tidy up any stray hairs (around once every 1-2 weeks), and keep my natural shape, and then I wax the mono cos that's never cute. I really recommend giving your brows a little more attention, they absolutely frame the face and can make an enormous difference. 

Alice xx

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