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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Vintage Designer // Trelise Cooper // AliceOlivia

Vintage Designer // Trelise Cooper // AliceOlivia

Recently I had a look in Encore Designer Recycle from recommendation, and I was pleasantly surprised. I've never been one for second hand clothing (in saying that however, I do donate all my unwanted clothes to a hospice shop); maybe it's the dusty smell or the long isles of endless clothes that gives me anxiety... I'm not sure. 

However vintage designer is different; it is a fantastic way to find quality, pre-loved pieces for the fraction of its original price. Encore was well organized thankfully (into size, then color), so it made it easy for myself to find pieces I liked. I discovered this Coop by Trelise Cooper dress; I love the Silk Fabric, unique print and colors (as well as its $60 price tag - I would suspect it would of been over $400 originally as it's silk). If your like me and you struggle to become exited in the prospect of searching for second hand clothes, find your local Vintage Designer store (with good reviews of course, as you do not want to be wasting unnecessary time) - you may be pleasantly surprised.

Alice xxx

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Favorite Baking Books // AliceOlivia

Favorite Baking Books // AliceOlivia

I am a bit of a baking fanatic. In fact, I bake just as much as I apply makeup, and I wont go two days without whipping egg whites or icing a carrot cake with creme cheese frosting. No, I am not one of those strange, delusional (yet some what admirable) people who live their sad life not enjoying a massive slab of cake once in a while, but instead drink a kale smoothie for dessert. My motto is everything in moderation my friends. Since I bake so often, I have accumulated a rather disturbing number of cookbooks and have a folder on my iPad that has dozens of links to recipes I've found in the past years. These four books however are my most grubby, covered in some sort of batter, as they are my most loved. If you are in need for a new baking book, I hope my recommendations help!

Australian Women's Weekly Cakes, Biscuits and Slices
Australian Women's Weekly is a fantastic source for delicious, dependable recipes that promise to turn out well, and this book in particular is fantastic. I use this recipe book for many of its cake recipes, such as its chocolate mud cake that beats every other, and a fantastic ginger cake that is my favorite cake at the moment.

Edmonds Cookery Book
A must have for all cooking fanatics, as it includes both savory and sweet; and is what I depend on for classics (sponges, shortbread, icing, bread, sauces etc.) While its not the most exiting book of the bunch, it sure is useful.

Little and Friday Celebrations
By far the most beautiful cook book I own, and some of the most delicious food I have baked. I am a huge fan of their cafe, and this book is perfect for recipes to fit special occasions. In fact, I cooked 95% of the Christmas chapter in December.

Treats from Little and Friday
Another beautiful book full of mouth watering recipes. I love this one for its tarts (in particular the Baked Chocolate Tart - I have one in the oven as we speak!), all its delectable cakes, its cream cheese icing recipe that beats any other food on this planet, and their sweet pastry recipe is unbeatable. Like my other book, I have cooked almost every recipe in this book, some more than a dozen times. 

Happy Easter!
Alice xxx