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Friday, 10 January 2014

Celebrity Street Style: The Best Of The Best

Hi all! Today is a visual blog post, where I show you some of the most fashionable celebrities in my opinion. Any one can look gorgeous in a Dior floor length gown, chosen by stylists, but when it comes to street style, celebrities are having to style themselves, and that's when you discover those true fashonistas! Here I have narrowed it down to 3 stylish celebrity babes, and hopefully you can gather some inspiration for outfits of your own! If you like this post, I can blog more about celebrity street style! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite fashionistas, and if you have a blog, leave it down below so i can return the favor. Don't forget to follow me on google+, and bloglovin:
love you all!


Rachel's style is effortless and unpredictable (in a good way, that is). One day, she will be rocking a leather biker jacket and trendy scarf, the next a soft blouse and polished jeans. She is fearless, and I applaud her for that! Blazers, scarfs, sunnies and a killer pair of jeans are essential for replicating this effortless style.


Lauren Conrad has killer style, and has a book to prove it! Her street style is casual and classic, and reasonably easy to recreate! To achieve her look gravitate towards neutral colors: look for boots, jeans, and white shirts, and over sized sweaters, however since these are staples you probably have many of these things already (and if you don't, go to the store now)!


Blake Lively's style is very glamorous and... expensive (thus making it harder to recreate). She pays alot of attention to the texture of an outfit, and loves to layer. To steal Blake's style, go for leather jackets, layering pieces, and neutral toned scarfs.

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