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Saturday, 7 June 2014

What to pack for my fall / autumn holiday

What to pack for my fall / autumn holiday 

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Hi all! I hope you are having a fantastic week so far. Around a month ago I went to Queenstown, for a family holiday. I went for a week, as it was my uncle and aunt’s wedding anniversary. 

I decided to share with you what I packed, as I find these kinds of blog posts super helpful and interesting. Now it may look like I'm packing a lot, and the truth is, I am. I like to be prepared for Queenstown's unpredictable autumn weather (2 years ago it was 5 degrees celsius most days, and then the year after it was 25 - and as you could imagine, I packed by previous experiences so I was very, very hot). I like to bring a variety of bottoms and tops to cater to all weather conditions. so please don't judge me okay :). Enjoy!

Love you all,
Alice xx


·         Underwear
·         Bras
·         Pj’s 
·         Socks
·         Tights
·         5 T-shirts (long sleeved and short sleeved)
·         Blouse
·         Shirt
·         Black singlet
·         2-3 Jumpers
·         Slouchy white cardigan
·         Sweatshirt (warm and comfy to wear snuggled in bed!)
·         Leggings
·         2 pairs (dark and light wash) jeans
·         1 pair denim shorts (in case of hot weather)
·         2 Skirts (one thick, wintery black skirt and one floral skirt for warmer weather)
·         Track pants (warm and comfy)
·         3 Dresses (shift dress, a black skater dress to layer with, and a more formal dress)
·         Coat
·         1 pair of black boots
·         Converse
·         Heels 
·         1 pair of sandals - in case of hot weather (they take up like no room - so it’s okay to pack a pair)
·         Accessories (sunnies, belt, beanie, jewelry, etc…)
·         2 Scarfs (to wear with plain outfits)
·         Bikini (as we may be going to the indoor swimming pool)


·         Shampoo & conditioner
·         Neutrogena eye makeup remover
·         Cotton pads
·         Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
·         Doctor LeWinns facial polishing gel
·         SPF
·         Doctor LeWinns day moisturiser sample pack (I like to use sample packs on holidays and test products)
·         Band aids
·         Shaver
·         Burt Bees beeswax lip balm
·         Toothbrush & tooth paste
·         Listerine mouth wash
·         Makeup bag (see what I brought with me, by clicking the link HERE)


·         Tangle teaser
·         Remington hair straighteners
·         Hair ties
·         Bobby pins
·         Hair “doughnut”
·         TRESemme hairspray
·         Batiste dry shampoo – floral and flirty blush scent 

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