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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Alice's Room Makeover 2: Bedroom Home Haul

Alice's Room Makeover 2: Bedroom Home Haul

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Hi all! As promised, another blog post in my "Room Makeover" series - click HERE to see the other post where I share my bedroom inspiration. 

I've have picked up a few bits here and there, so I decided to share with you what I have purchased for my room! It's all starting to come together now, especially the color scheme (which is blue, white, and orange if you hadn't guessed).

I picked up this cheeky sausage dog cushion from Freedom Furniture. I'm using this cushion as my "color inspiration" - white, blue, and orange. I liked how it was clean and crisp; no fluffy tassels or texture to it, which is a nice balance to the other cushions on my bed, and the textured throw.

Next, I found this beautiful dark blue throw which went perfectly with the cushion and the "beachy", not too feminine theme.
I found these 2 cushions lying about in my house - a cream cushion with white detailing, and a woven blue cushion. The three together look amazing.

I also changed my colorful duvet cover to a simple, textured white one (which we already had).

This is honestly everything I could want in a frame - rustic, beachy... just perfect. I love the wooden, over sized  frame, and I think that the brown wooden areas against the white wood makes it look really unique and aged (... in a good way). 

As you can see everything is slowly, but surely coming together and the colors are all looking cohesive, but not too matchy. I've took my desk out of my room as it unnecessarily took up so much room. 

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Alice xxx

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