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Friday, 4 April 2014

My New Favorite Lipstick

My New Favorite Lipstick

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Hi lovelies! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. Today's blog post is all about my new but strong addiction in life: this lipstick. 

Believe it or not, this is my first ever "nude lipstick" (usually go for more balmy lip products like lip butters, baby lips, and chubby sticks), so wanted to do my research and find a good one. I had heard so much about the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks, so I thought should give one a try. Tanya Burr uses this particular color and loves it, and she has the same coloring as me (Mac NW20 - for reference), so thought "why not give it a try".  

Of  went to the computer, and bought this baby on BeautyJoint. And I do have to admit, have never fallen so in love with a lipstick as what I have with this.
Today am going to share my opinion about this life-saving lipstick, plus provide swatches and photos, as for some reason always struggle to find good makeup swatches true to color. 

The formula is super creamy and very moisturizing, and lasts a reasonable amount of time on the lips. It gives a nice glossy sheen to the lips, plus this color does not highlight any dry skin. The color is more of a peachy nude than a pink nude, and is just slightly lighter than my natural lip color- only slightly. However it still looks completely natural - just like your lips but better a color, as some would describe it.

The packaging is extremely sturdy, and is a glossy vibrant purple. I also love how the lipstick winds all the way down - there is nothing more annoying than having to be super cautious lifting a lipstick lip and then crushing the top of it. Nothing. More. Annoying. I'm pretty sure they have repackaged some of their lipsticks, however I'm sure the packaging will not be any worse. 

Swatches on

So as you can see, I absolutely love this lipstick. The formula is fantastic, the color is beautiful, the packaging is sturdy... I could honestly go on about this lipstick however I will not bore you :). 

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, let me know what you would like me to blog about next in the comments, I love all of your recommendations! Also, please let me know what your favorite drugstore lip product is, I would love to know! 

Love you all!
Alice xxx

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