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Friday, 14 November 2014

Alice's Bedroom Makeover Part 4: Bedding

Alice's Bedroom Makeover Part 4: Bedding

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Beds are under estimated - if you think about it, a bed is the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom, and in most rooms - in particular small rooms like mine, they have a massive impact. I wanted my bed to tie in all the colors of my room - white, blue, and orange. I also knew that I wanted to have a white duvet cover (I already had this one) as I loved how sophisticated and mature white bedding looks, so I decided to bring in color through cushions and a throw. If you are wanting to change the color scheme of your room without making any drastic changes, purchasing a few cushions with color and texture, and maybe a throw of some sort can really transform white bedding. 

White Duvet Cover: Sheridan
Cream, Blue, and White Cushion: Freedom Furniture
Fairy Lights: Typo (Cotton On)
Blue Throw: Freedom Furniture

Alice xxx

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