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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Drugstore Foundation Rundown: My Favorites

Drugstore Foundation Rundown: My Favorites

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Hi all, I hope you are having a fantastic week. Today's blog post is perfect for all you makeup newbies, or foundation addicts like me. Out of all makeup products, I find foundation the most daunting. When I hear the word "foundation", an image of a young girl plastered with a white, powdery mask appears. However foundation can be fantastic for creating an even base or adding a glow and life into dull skin. When you understand what shade suits you, whether you are cool or warm toned, and what sort of finish you like (matte, satin, dewy), foundations are fantastic. 

While I do think it's worth while to invest some money into a higher end foundation on some occasions, there are plenty of fantastic foundations in the drugstore - you just need to know what your looking for. I will share with you my all time favorite drugstore foundations, and hopefully this gives you a little more knowledge and confidence to go out and pick your own.

For myself, I gravitate to satin/ dewy foundations since I have dryer patches (and oilier areas I powder), however if you are oily you might want to gravitate towards foundations with a matte finish. Try to look for foundations with a yellow undertone - a lot of drugstore foundations are ink toned, however yellow toned foundations usually look more natural as there is less of a contrast between your foundation and neck. 

I also tend to lean towards foundations with a light to medium coverage that is buildible, as I am younger and have reasonably okay skin, I prefer not to wear unnecessary coverage - however if you would like too, of course go ahead! Foundation is very personal, so make sure to try different finishes/coverage to see what you like most.

I have narrowed my favourite drugstore foundations down to four:

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation: This foundation is my all time favorite, as it gives a medium coverage and is looks so dewy and beautiful on the skin. I apply this with a buffing brush for a lighter coverage, however this foundation is buildable. If you are more oily skinned steer clear as there are a lot of reflecting particles, but if you are dryer this one is great.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum: This foundation has a light coverage and is more of a satin finish, so it suits most skin types. I love this one on "good skin days" - when I don't feel like a medium coverage and want something that feels light on the skin. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation: The shade is a bit iffy, however if you want a good drugstore foundation that is less dewy and reflective than the Rimmel Wake Me Up, this one is fantastic. This one is great if you are into more liquid foundations and a medium coverage.

Rimmel Matte BB Cream: This isn't essentially a foundation, however I did want to include this as it is a great BB cream for those of you with oilier skin. This isn't fully matte - however if you are looking for a BB cream with a medium coverage that doesn't give you that greasy, sunscreen look, this is a fantastic option.

If you are nervous and confused when it comes to drugstore foundations - you are not alone! I do hope that this helped you filter through the mass of foundations in the drugstore and has given you some good options to try out. Make sure to do some research before purchasing a foundation, and remember that everyone's skin and preference is different. Good luck with your foundation shopping! 

Alice xxx

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